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  • Course Details

    Intelligent Swarming is a powerful new way to get the right people working on the right things. It encourages productive collaboration by eliminating the traditional tiered support model.

    The support network provides measurable value for customers and reduces expense for the support organization. Support issues go to the most appropriate people or teams. When other expertise is needed, they can find quickly invite others into the swarm—or allow other specialists to opt-in to help. If you’re considering moving to a support network, this workshop provides real-world examples and key elements needed to begin your project.

  • Workshop Objectives

    Companies that swarm are benefiting from:

    • Lower customer effort
    • Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty
    • Fewer escalations
    • Improved employee engagement
    • Faster employee ramp-up time
  • Workshop Outcomes

    In this 6 hour, interactive workshop, you’ll learn:

    • When Intelligent Swarming is right for your organization
    • Different techniques that real companies are using
    • How to design Intelligent Swarming for your specific situation
      Game-changing collaboration
    • What technology is needed—and how to get started without it
    • A roadmap of what’s needed to get your project started
Workshops Intelligent Swarming
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  • Course Details

    Offered in two 3-hour sessions, this KCS v6 Leadership Overview Workshop is designed to provide your Leadership team with a sound understanding of the KCS approach and insights on costs and benefits of a KCS investment.

    The workshop will provide a high level overview of KCS principles, concepts, practices and processes with practical examples of use and benefits.

    The workshop will reference examples relevant to your organization. You’ll gain an understanding of KCS background and concepts needed to engage in leadership planning decisions.

  • Workshop Objectives

    KCS v6 Leadership Workshop Learning Objectives:

    • Gain an understanding of KCS, its benefits and the need for a road map for KCS adoption
    • Understand KCS leadership strategies and change management
    • Develop a clear understanding of the leadership requirements to successfully adopt KCS and optimize it through continuous improvement
    • Identify the link between the organization’s goals and KCS
    • Gain an appreciation for the KCS principles and practices
    • Understand leadership’s role in communications and performance assessment –
      how do we assess the creation of value?
    • Understand the difference between activity based measures and value based measures and how to use them with employees.
  • Workshop Outcomes

    During this workshop, participants will:

    • Develop a clear understanding of the leadership requirements to successfully adopt KCS and optimize it through continuous improvement
    • Identify the link between the organization’s goals and KCS
    • Gain an appreciation for the KCS principles and practices
    • Understand value-based metrics in evaluating staff
    • Learn how to develop an environment that motivates employees
    Who should attend:

    Managers, Leaders, Contact / Call Center / Service Desk Managers, Knowledge Managers and those who want a deeper understanding of the leadership responsibilities needed to lead a successful KCS practice.

Workshops Leadership Overview
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  • Course Details

    If you’re planning to launch KCS®, this intensive 2 Day KCS Workshop will provide the needed insights and skills. This workshop is also useful if you’re tuning up your KM processes, or getting a colleague or team up to speed quickly. If you’re aiming for certification, we’ll help you get well prepared for the optional Certification Exam on Day 3.

    Our 2-day workshops are offered live online.

    Workshops may be tailored to your needs.  Our in-house KCS Practices Workshop can include a proctored KCS v6 Practices Certification Exam.  A practice exam and help preparing for the exam can be included.

    Contact Us for details on our 3 Day private in-house v6 Practices Certification Workshop.

    All workshops certified by The KCS Academy.

  • Workshop Objectives

    What you’ll learn:

    • The key deliverables required to implement KCS
    • Best practice for measuring knowledge activity, performance and value
    • Techniques for ensuring knowledge base quality, therefore fewer review queues
    • Processes for creating in-workflow (Solve Loop) and value-added (Evolve Loop) content
    • How to manage a KCS adoption and avoid mistakes others have made.

    Recommended reading for exam:
    -Certification Instructions
    -Study Guide
    -Practices Guide
    -Adoption Guide
    -Measurement Matters Paper

    The KCS®v6 Practices Certification designates individuals who demonstrate a thorough understanding of the KCS concepts, principles, Solve and Evolve Loops. In addition, demonstrating a deep understanding of the measures, objectives and outcomes for the phases of KCS adoption.

  • Workshop Outcomes

    Attendees will gain a deep understanding of:

    • KCS and its benefits
    • Industry examples and practices
    • Content: standards and quality
    • The structured problem-solving workflow
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Performance assessment
    • Leadership strategies and change management
    • Technology requirements to enable KCS
    • A road map for KCS adoption
    • We suggest enrolment 10 days in advance where possible.

    Duration: Four 4-hour sessions (16 hours)

    Minimum participants: 4

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  • Course Details

    The KCS® v6 Overview Workshop provides a high level overview of the principles, concepts and practices of Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) v6. It will give you an understanding of the core concepts, practices and benefits of KCS and its role in service management.

    If you are are new to KCS, would like to get revision, or you are bringing colleagues up to speed this workshop is for you.

    Once completed, you’ll be better prepared for the KCS Fundamentals Certification online exam offered by The KCS Academy.

    Who should attend:
    Anyone in Service sharing knowledge: managers, team leaders, service and support personnel

  • Workshop Objectives

    Attendees will:

    • Identify the link between your organization’s goal and KCS. What will KCS do for you and your customers
    • Be able to articulate the value of knowledge management for your organization
    • Gain an understanding of the KCS principles and practices
    • Learn how to use KCS to efficiently create and maintain qualitative, easy-to-find content in the knowledge base
    • Understand the critical role of leadership in creating a knowledge-sharing culture and sustaining a knowledge practice
    • Be better prepared for the KCS v6 Fundamentals online exam, including study hints and practice questions
  • Workshop Outcomes

    Attendees will:

    • Gain a basic understanding of the KCS methodology
    • Recognise how creating knowledge articles on demand increases customer satisfaction
    • Identify the importance of a knowledge-centred organisation
    • Learn how KCS roles and responsibilities work in a KCS ‘shop’
    • Understand how knowledge performance is managed
    • No previous experience required.
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  • Course Details

    Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) offers significant benefits to organizations through knowledge-sharing practices that support customer success. The Coaching Workshop provides the understanding of the coaching requirements needed for KCS success.

  • Workshop Objectives

    Attendees will gain understanding of:

    • KCS coaching and its benefits
    • KCS roles and responsibilities
    • KCS coaching best practices with industry examples
    • Coach role responsibilities
    • The coaching process; tools, techniques and influence skills
    • Performance assessment tools
    • A structure for communication
    • How to maximise the value of motivation, rewards and recognition
    • How to create excitement and buy-in
  • Workshop Outcomes

    Participants will gain an understanding of:

    • How coaching influences the KCSprinciples and practices
    • How KCS supports organizational goals and improves outcomes
    • How coaching enables successful KCS adoption
    • Best practice for measuring knowledge activity, performance and value
    • The coach’s responsibilities in performance assessment
    • The key motivational factors for employee engagement reporting and how it’s communicated
    • Ways to communicate the benefits of KCS to all levels
    • Learn and practice coaching techniques and influence skills
    • Practice the coaching process and learn how to utilize coaching tools

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