Workshops for KCS (Knowledge-Centered Service) Training & Certification
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KCS® v6 and Intelligent Swarming Workshops

Customers and staff are expecting better information and service, faster, across all channels. KCS® is known as the best practice for agile knowledge management. KCS integrates knowledge capture, improvement, and reuse directly into support and service operations. We’ve recently introduced public Intelligent Swarming Workshops to give you all the insights needed to get started with planning. All workshops provide relevant good practice examples of these methodologies in use. Catalynk Workshops are approved by The KCS Academy and led by (Academy) Certified Trainers.  Register here!

Our KCS v6 and Intelligent Swarming Workshops give you ready-to-use know-how.

KCS Overview Workshop

KCS v6 Overview


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This workshop provides a good grounding of the principles, concepts and practices of Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) v6. You’ll gain an understanding of the benefits of KCS, its role in enterprise service management and how it assists in fine-tuning your knowledge delivery to increase staff and customer success. KCS improves operational efficiencies to increase your support capacity while lowering costs. Ideal for IT Service Teams, Service Management and Customer Experience professionals and Knowledge Workers.


For distant attendees, this workshop can be delivered virtually.

On-site workshops at your company’s location can be arranged.


Full workshop details: KCS v6 Overview Workshops

The KCS Academy is a wholy owned subsidiary of CSI

All Workshops are certified by The KCS Academy

KCS v6 Practices Workshop

KCS v6 Practices Course/Workshop


Thurs.-Fri. Jan. 16-17 Virtual


REGISTER HERE: KCS v6 Practices Workshop VIRTUAL


Are you you planning to launch KCS, tuning up your KCS processes, or getting a colleague or team up to speed quickly? This interactive in-depth course will provide the needed insights and skills to achieve your goals. You’ll be ready to start tuning your team’s knowledge into time-saving solutions. Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) is proven to improve customer success with self-service by 70-80%, when the industry average is 45-50%. Your customers will experience improved quality of information from assisted help, self-service, and other channels. This course prepares you for KCS v6 Practices Certification Exam, although it doesn’t ensure a pass.


Full course details: KCS v6 Practices Workshops

KCS v6 Practices Workshop Boston

Intelligent Swarming Workshop


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More Details: Intelligent Swarming Workshop

Facilitated by Beth Coleman, Certified Intelligent Swarming℠ Trainer


Learn about the significant gains of the organizations using this methodology.


Intelligent Swarming is a powerful new way to get the right people working on the right things. It encourages productive collaboration by eliminating the traditional tiered support model. This can create frustration for customers and expense for the support organization. Instead, support issues go to the most appropriate people or teams. When other expertise is needed, they can invite collaborators to join—or allow other specialists to opt-in to help.


This course may be attended virtually.

Our tailored courses may be offered on or off-site and designed to work within your schedule. Ask us about our planning and design sessions, KCS analytics and leadership overviews. For further details, visit the our full description pages and register your interest.

We welcome your questions. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.