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Ensuring Customer Success.

Knowledge is at the heart of customer support and engagement. Our team trains and develops leaders in Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) organization-wide. We coach and mentor so your teams have the skills to manage knowledge practices, processes and performance to increase customer self-service success. Whether you are considering KCS adoption or tuning up your KCS processes, or looking to introduce Intelligent Swarming, we can help.

KCS® is a registered Trademark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™.

Our Team

Photo of Beth Coleman, Lead Consultant and Trainer, CATALYNK

Beth Coleman

Founder CATALYNK, Certified KCS®v6 Practices and Intelligent Swarming℠ Trainer, and Certified Prosci® Practitioner

Beth trains and facilitates teams with KCS and Intelligent Swarming to dramatically improve customer experience. Beth brings years of experience in training and capability development. MBA Innovation.

Beth’s brings experience in IT Service Management, service design, change management and the use of knowledge for customer success. As consultant, facilitator and workshop leader, Beth works with teams and leaders, to plan and guide successful KCS adoption and knowledge-sharing culture.

Thomas Fuhriman Certified KCS v6 Practices Trainer and Coach CATALYNK

Thomas Fuhriman

KCS® Certified Trainer and Consultant, Public Speaker

Thomas has been helping organizations implement successful knowledge management practices and KCS in 20 countries for 23 years. Thomas has many years of coaching and consulting with leaders, and vast experience in leading teams in KCS adoption. His clients included Compaq, Ericsson, Novell, Altiris/Symantec, Hitachi Data Systems, and others.
Tom is a Certified KCS Trainer and consultant with CATALYNK. He is also an enthusiastic public speaker on KCS and the value of knowledge sharing.  He speaks on the importance of a customer-centric culture and the mindset change needed for cross organisation KCS adoption. 

Pete Mellalieu

Analyst specialising in Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) and Data Scientist

Dr. Peter Mellalieu is an analyst at CATALYNK Ltd, specializing in Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) and Collaborative Problem Solving. He identifies key influencers for KCS Coaching usingONA to enhance knowledge sharing. Peter applies Collaborative Health Surveys to assess and improve team dynamics and collaboration.

Peter's expertise in ONA enables real-time problem-solving by forming dynamic teams for both KCS and Intelligent Swarming. With a background in industrial engineering, biotechnology, economics, and operations research, Peter brings a wealth of knowledge to his role.

Dorothy Ortale

KCS® v6 Practices Consultant Business Process Optimization & Service Delivery

Dorothy is a process oriented KCS consultant who works with all levels of staff to increase efficiency through knowledge sharing. She facilitates management, service agents and subject matter experts in adoption and monitoring of KCS Solve and Evolve Loop practices.

Dorothy brings extensive experience in embedding Knowledge Management (KM) practices in Human Resources, Information Technology and General Business Administration. Her process-oriented focus enables the design and implementation of KM tools and workflows, and in analysis and reporting to track trends and efficiency gains.

  • “Tom has been absolutely key in our success in implementing a global knowledge management initiative. His insight, direction, and coaching has been invaluable as we have implemented our methodologies, systems and tools.”
    Robert Rose, Director North America Support, Adobe
  • “Tom's insight, knowledge and support proved to be the difference in, not only making the project successful, but accomplishing a complete culture and mindset change in the organization.”
    Stuart Smith, Altiris
    Software Engineer Manager
  • “Tom was instrumental in driving the cultural shift required to make KM part of our daily vernacular. In sharing his passion and energy for knowledge he made a lasting contribution to our service organization.”
    Ian Corcoran, Senior Director, Altiris
  • I also highly recommend I took a workshop from Beth Coleman and the team at Catalynk and really enjoyed it. Beth is a wealth of knowledge and it was so great to network with other organizations about their practices/teams!
    Lesley Heizman – Lucidworks
    Knowledge Manager
  • I am very happy with what we have achieved so far and have more to learn. Our AskUs portal has knowledge shared by several departments.
    Mareen Watts – Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand
  • The v6 Practices course was absolutely brilliant. It all makes perfect sense to me. Sharing knowledge reduces repeat work and improves customer self-service. We have more time to use our problem solving skills and use knowledge insights to improve products and services.
    Monica Barkman – University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

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