Catalynk is now offering KCS v6 Workshops in Sydney and Brisbane.  Get started with knowledge practices, and achieve dramatic service results.  See our full range of workshops or register now for KCS v6 Practices Sydney and KCS v6 Fundamentals Brisbane


What strategy is needed to ensure customer service success?

Link KCS benefits to goals.

Strategic framework.

Leaders engaged.

KCS® Leadership


How can leaders engage to develop a knowledge-sharing culture?
Develop staff skills.
Acknowledge effort.

KCS® Structure

How do we design and store knowledge for service questions?

Capture customer context.

Easy-to-read answers.

Linked for more help.


How do we ensure cross-company knowledge sharing?

Empower teams.

Digital sharing tools.

Make it fun!

Catalynk KCS® Knowledge Centered service Catalynk

Customer Experience

Is your customer experience seamless?


Do your customers quickly find the information they need?


Better self-service means your customers find the answers they need faster, leading to a positive customer experience and greater loyalty.


CATALYNK integrates knowledge best practices company-wide to ensure your customers are empowered to get the information they need, quickly. 

Catalynk KCS® Knowledge Centered service Catalynk

Knowledge KCS® Good Practice

When everything’s moving fast, teams need the tools and practices to engage with customers to help them quickly. Customer engagement requires them to make ‘in the moment’ decisions.


We train your teams in KCS® best practices to encourage knowledge sharing. This helps ensure informed action, leading to greater service satisfaction. Our KCS v6 Fundamentals Workshop will you started. Let’s go!

Knowledge Structure

Knowledge that helps service delivery, needs to be ‘served up’ at key touch points throughout the service delivery process. To create and use knowledge ‘in the moment’, forms, processes, workflows, privileges and knowledge base structures are needed.


We aim to get the best from your tool-sets, and help your teams design and manage the workflow, eliminate duplication, and integrate multiple knowledge sources for simplified search. Our KCS Refresh helps you get the best out of your KCS investment.

Catalynk KCS® Knowledge Centered service Catalynk
Catalynk KCS® Knowledge Centered service Catalynk

Develop Capabilities

KCS® practices help service delivery teams recognize where they have room for improvement.


We design and deliver the training and workshops to develop capabilities that engage and enthuse knowledge workers to collaborate. Our suite of KCS v6 Workshops can be tailored to achieve your adoption goals.


Through capturing and sharing ‘in the moment’ your staff are better equipped to analyze, solve and power self-service options for customers.

Team Engagement

Can your support teams search knowledge easily and have the most up-to-date information to solve requests quickly?


Teams work best in an environment that nurtures and recognizes collaboration to create value. A KCS v6 for Analysts Workshop gets your team excited about and engaging in knowledge sharing.


With our help, your teams work together to envision what’s possible in knowledge performance, identify steps to get there, and lead the change!


Catalynk KCS® Knowledge Centered service Catalynk

Knowledge Analytics

Stakeholders need to know the benefits of ‘knowledge for service’.  Your teams need to focus on delivering what the business cares about by selecting key outcomes that align with business goals.


We help build the capabilities in teams to design reports, coach, and monitor progress to achieve goals that result in your desired outcomes. Our KCS v6 Practices Workshop gives your team a deep understanding of the enabling practices..


Catalynk KCS® Knowledge Centered service Catalynk
Catalynk KCS® Knowledge Centered service Catalynk


Thanks for sharing! Your encouragement and thanks for knowledge contributions goes a long way. Recognition for sharing builds a culture that empowers teams to collaborate.


We engage leaders and teams in designing licenses that recognize the value of knowledge contribution.


Your teams will gain a renewed commitment to work together, to solve, and share. Our Leaders KCS v6 Overview Workshop is a great start.