Knowledge systems should improve companies, not hold them back -

Catalynk's tailored Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) workshops, training and consultation packages help you and your teams get the most from knowledge.

Our certified consultants will help you integrate employee knowledge and intuitive tech to solve problems faster, develop employee capabilities and maximize efficiencies.

Solve problems faster

Teams creating knowledge for reuse ensures faster resolutions - reducing costs - even when demand increases.

Improve Quality Of Life For Your Employees

When goals make sense and we understand the 'why', creativity flows. Everyone knows the value of their contribution.

Improve Productivity

Teams gain experience through knowledge sharing and productivity increases naturally. Customers get answers faster, easier.

Transform your workflow and break down silos with KCS

How we can help

Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) group designing


Catalynk offers workshops to address strategy, leadership, structure and collaboration when building knowledge systems.


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Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) v6 Practices Workshop in classroom

KCS Certification

Catalynk works one on one or with teams to train them in Knowledge Centred Service (KCS) and Intelligent Swarming.

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Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) Catalynk Consultation


Catalynk can provide dedicated KCS trainer to work alongside a company to develop knowledge systems based in KCS and Intelligent Swarming.


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  • “Tom has been absolutely key in our success in implementing a global knowledge management initiative. His insight, direction, and coaching has been invaluable as we have implemented our methodologies, systems and tools.”
    Robert Rose, Director North America Support, Adobe
  • “Tom's insight, knowledge and support proved to be the difference in, not only making the project successful, but accomplishing a complete culture and mindset change in the organization.”
    Stuart Smith, Altiris
    Software Engineer Manager
  • “Tom was instrumental in driving the cultural shift required to make KM part of our daily vernacular. In sharing his passion and energy for knowledge he made a lasting contribution to our service organization.”
    Ian Corcoran, Senior Director, Altiris
  • I also highly recommend I took a workshop from Beth Coleman and the team at Catalynk and really enjoyed it. Beth is a wealth of knowledge and it was so great to network with other organizations about their practices/teams!
    Lesley Heizman – Lucidworks
    Knowledge Manager
  • I am very happy with what we have achieved so far and have more to learn. Our AskUs portal has knowledge shared by several departments.
    Mareen Watts – Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand
  • The v6 Practices course was absolutely brilliant. It all makes perfect sense to me. Sharing knowledge reduces repeat work and improves customer self-service. We have more time to use our problem solving skills and use knowledge insights to improve products and services.
    Monica Barkman – University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

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