KCS® v6 Overview Workshop gets your teams started with best-practices
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The KCS® v6 Overview Workshop provides key concepts, principles and practices to enable Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) planning and use.  KCS is a methodology for knowledge management that has shown to deliver profound benefits in customer service. It integrates knowledge capture, improvement, and reuse into support – lowering service costs and improving customer success.

KCS® v6 Overview

The KCS® v6 Overview Workshop provides a high level overview of the principles, concepts and practices of Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) v6. It will give you an understanding of the core concepts, practices and benefits of KCS and its role in service management.


If you are are new to KCS, would like to get revision, or you are bringing colleagues up to speed this workshop is for you.


Once completed, you’ll be better prepared for the KCS Fundamentals Certification online exam offered by The KCS Academy.


Who should attend:
Anyone in Service sharing knowledge: managers, team leaders, service and support personnel



Certified by The KCS Academy

Workshop Objectives

Attendees will:

  • Identify the link between your organization’s goal and KCS. What will KCS do for you and your customers


  • Be able to articulate the value of knowledge management for your organization


  • Gain an understanding of the KCS principles and practices


  • Learn how to use KCS to efficiently create and maintain qualitative, easy-to-find content in the knowledge base


  • Understand the critical role of leadership in creating a knowledge-sharing culture and sustaining a knowledge practice


  • Be better prepared for the KCS v6 Fundamentals online exam, including study hints and practice questions


Contact Us to arrange in-house workshops.

Workshop Outcomes

Attendees will:
  • Gain a basic understanding of the KCS methodology


  • Recognise how creating knowledge articles on demand increases customer satisfaction


  • Identify the importance of a knowledge-centred organisation


  • Learn how KCS roles and responsibilities work in a KCS ‘shop’


  • Understand how knowledge performance is managed


No previous experience required.


Upcoming Workshops:


KCS v6 Overview Jan 17-18 2022 NZT VIRTUAL

Oct 28 – 29 Mon.-Tues. 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. NZT