Events - including Intelligent Swarming and KCS v6 Workshops
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Intelligent Swarming Workshop

Intelligent Swarming Insights Workshop

Friday February 21 2019 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM Wellington

Understand how Intelligent Swarming works, and what’s required to implement it in your organization.

Beth Coleman, Certified Intelligent Swarming℠ Trainer

Venue:  Jackson House, 11 Hunter St., Wellington

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Workshop Details...

Intelligent Swarming is a powerful new way to get the right people working on the right things. It encourages productive collaboration by eliminating the traditional tiered support model. The support network provides measurable value for customers and reduces expense for the support organization. Support issues go to the most appropriate people or teams. When other expertise is needed, they can find quickly invite others into the swarm—or allow other specialists to opt-in to help.


If you’re considering moving to a support network this workshop provides real-world examples and key elements needed to begin your project.


Companies that swarm are benefiting from:

* Lower customer effort
* Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty
* Fewer escalations
* Improved employee engagement
* Faster employee ramp-up time


In this one-day, interactive workshop, you’ll learn:
* When Intelligent Swarming is right for your organization
* Different techniques that real companies are using
* How to design Intelligent Swarming for your specific situation
* How to encourage your teams to collaborate
* What technology is needed—and how to get started without it
* A roadmap of what’s needed to get your project started


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This workshop is also available in-house. Ask about our small group discount.

Please contact us for details.


Intelligent Swarming℠ is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™

The KCS Academy is the authorized certifying organization for methodologies defined and published by The Consortium for Service Innovation. CATALYNK is an approved provider of the Intelligent Swarming methodology.