KCS v6 Workshop for Analysts in-house with software simulation
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KCS v6 Workshop for Analysts

KCS v6 Workshop for Analysts

KCS v6 Workshop for Analysts in-house with software simulation is a customized training program designed to introduce support analysts and/or development engineers, to KCS Practices. If you’re preparing for KCS adoption or updating your Practices this provides a co-creation and practice environment.

Participants are introduced through a simulation to the basic concepts of KCS, the customized workflow, the Content Standard, and the tools used to evaluate newly authored knowledge articles and performance metrics.

Time is spent in understanding roles and practices for writing and assessing knowledge articles using the Content Standard.

KCS v6 for Analysts Learning Objectives

During this workshop, participants will learn:

  • An understanding of their key activities in the KCS Solve and Evolve Loops
  • Team measures for knowledge quality and the value this provides to the organization and the customer
  • Techniques in knowledge search, creation and re-use to improve quality and reduce queues
  • Practice creating in-workflow (Solve Loop) and value-added (Evolve Loop) content
  • Experience co-creating and sharing knowledge for team and customer self-serve success.


This workshop prepares analysts for use of KCS in the work environment and is designed to ensure your teams experience the KCS v6 Practices in the workflow.  Your teams will co-create knowledge using your company scenarios to re-inforce KCS principles and concepts, with real practice of the KCS v6 Solve workflow practices and techniques.  Contact us for a no obligation discussion.

KCS v6 for Analysts Outcomes

Attendees will gain an understanding and experience of relevant KCS v6 Practices
  • KCS best practices in Solve and Evolve Loop
  • Using the structured problem-solving workflow
  • Creating KCS content: applying standards and quality
  • Knowledge roles and responsibilities
  • Knowledge performance assessment
  • Experience in writing, reviewing, publishing content
  • Team metrics
  • Monitoring and reporting success metrics


Duration: 1 Day (or 2 half-day sessions)


Minimum participants: 4   Maximum: 12

Please Contact Us for an assessment and quote.