Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) Consulting and Workshops
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Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS)

KCS Refresh

Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) Refresh

If your KCS Practices need a review, our KCS Refresh will revitalize your KCS program. A refresh is vital if you are seeking to adjust and improve performance and to realize more of the KCS benefits.  You may have new team members or leadership or there’s been an organizational change. As  a result you may be seeing a decline in participation and quality. We are here to assist. We will arrange an on-site visit, and observe and interview. We’ll make recommendations, then work with your teams to build a tailored plan to get your program where you want it to be. A KCS Refresh can avoid a costly restart later.



  • Identify where old habits are re-emerging and good practices need re-enforcement
  • Assess program maturity
  • Determine changes needed to get your KCS program up to speed according to KCS v6 good practice.
  • Review where process and technology improvements can be made
  • Co-create a 12-18 month strategy, with your teams engaged



Executive sponsors re-engaged

Benefits measured and communicated

Teams excited

Your Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) investment is maximized.


Whatever the program of work, we’ll ensure your teams have the confidence and understanding to manage knowledge well into the future.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

Technical support and knowledge architecture

Knowledge-related technical assistance

We provide independent advice, skilled expertise and project management for:


  • selection and installation of service management knowledge software
  • implementation of knowledge workflows
  • audit of search capability, recommendations or improvements
  • analysis of metrics, measures, and reporting for all levels
  • design of knowledge structures
  • integration of knowledge bases, migration (of useful knowledge)
  • technology workflows and associated processes to ensure ‘knowledge flow’.


Whatever the program of work, we’ll ensure your teams have the confidence and understanding to manage knowledge well into the future.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) Consulting and Workshop Facilitation

CATALYNK offers Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) consultation, facilitation, tools, processes, structures and more.

CATALYNK KCS certified consultants will help you deliver customer success through Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) and knowledge sharing.  Whether you’re planning to launch, improve, or refresh your knowledge management, don’t hesitate to contact us for an initial, no-obligation assessment.


We’ll assist your technical support teams to get started with KCS, or re-energize knowledge use, analyse gaps and manage performance where needed. Wherever you are on the KCS journey, we’ll help develop strategy, hand-hold or project manage a phase of adoption, and when needed, provide on-going support.


If your human resource, facilities management, finance or logistics teams need knowledge management we’ll assist to co-design the most appropriate structures ensuring knowledge security.


We’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to email us for a free assessment.

Training, Workshops and Coaching
Off-site and In-house

Auckland – Wellington – Christchurch – Sydney – Brisbane

Tailored training and workshops

Our private bespoke workshops are offered in-house or off-site and are tailored to your company’s strategic goals, environment, customers, and service demand.

Explore our KCS v6 In-house Workshops:


All of our public workshops can be tailored and offered in-house.


As part of our workshop follow-up, we offer all attendees access to additional resources.


Don’t hesitate to or contact us for a free consultation

Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) v6 Overview Workshops

Change Management and Coaching with Prosci® and ADKAR®

KCS Coaching

Effective coaching is proven to be of benefit in KCS Adoption. While technology and process are key enablers of the KCS methodology, KCS is first and foremost about people and their behavior. KCS Coaches are the change agents within the support organization; they model and promote the behavior change required for a successful KCS adoption.


The Consortium for Innovation (CSI) has seen greater success of KCS® adoption when organizations have used effective coaching and change management methods. The Prosci Method is known (by CSI) to be an effective change management method to increase the success of KCS adoption. The CATALYNK coaching approach is underpinned by the Prosci® Change Management, Leadership Alignment and ADKAR® methods.



Prosci® ADKAR® methods copyright Prosci 2018. ADKAR is a registered trademark of Prosci, Inc.

KCS is a registered service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation.KCS®

On-going Support and Mentoring

Alongside the training we offer, we find that KCS adoption is more successful if consulting time is available to engage team members for a hand-over and knowledge transfer.


We can assist with support and mentoring or to work inside the adoption or refresh project. We’re happy to review the options to design a package that works for your KCS journey.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation to review your needs.