Knowledge-Centered Service, or KCS, is a methodology designed to integrate knowledge capture, improvement and reuse directly into service operations. The practices are embedded in your everyday work processes, with dramatic results in employee and customer satisfaction.

KCS v6 Practices Workshop

If you’re planning to launch KCS®, tuning up your KM processes, or getting a colleague or team up to speed quickly, this intensive 2 Day KCS v6 Practices Workshop will provide the needed insights and skills. This workshop will also help you prepare for the v6 Practices Certification Exam.



Workshops may be tailored to your needs.  For instance, ask about our in-house 3 Day Workshop that includes on Day 3 the KCS v6 Practices Certification Exam.  A trial exam and help with advance study is provided.


Contact Us to book our 3 Day private in-house v6 Practices Certification Workshop.


All workshops certified by The KCS Academy.

Workshop Objectives

What you’ll learn:

  • The key deliverables required to implement KCS
  • Best practice for measuring knowledge activity, performance and value
  • Techniques for ensuring knowledge base quality, therefore fewer review queues
  • Processes for creating in-workflow (Solve Loop) and value-added (Evolve Loop) content
  • How to manage a KCS adoption and avoid mistakes others have made.

Recommended reading for exam:

KCS v6 Practices:
Certification Instructions
Study Guide
Practices Guide
Adoption Guide
Measurement Matters paper

The KCS® v6 Practices Certification designates individuals who demonstrate a thorough understanding of the KCS concepts, principles, the Solve and Evolve Loops Practices, and in addition, practices for KCS adoption.

Workshop Outcomes

Attendees will gain a deep understanding of:
  • KCS and its benefits
  • Industry examples and practices
  • Content: standards and quality
  • The structured problem-solving workflow
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Performance assessment
  • Leadership strategies and change management
  • Technology requirements to enable KCS
  • A road map for KCS adoption

We suggest enrollment 10 days in advance where possible.

Duration: 2.5 days (with optional exam afternoon Day 3)

Minimum participants:  4


Upcoming New Zealand Workshops:

Auckland Wed. – Fri., July 24-26
Auldhouse, Auckland 2.5 Days – with optional Certification Exam Day 3
Price: $1900. GST excl.

Wellington Wed. – Fri. Aug 28-30
Auldhouse, Wellington 2.5 Days – with optional Certification Exam Day 3
Price: $1900. GST excl.  (Early Bird: $1710. GST excl. until July 26)