Tricentis' Case Study on Intelligent Swarming provides adoption insights
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Intelligent Swarming at Tricentis

Image Intelligent Swarming at Tricentis Case Study

Intelligent Swarming at Tricentis

Written by Dr. Carla Verwijs of TellTales Consulting for Consortium for Service Innovation


Tricentis provides streamlined support on complex products. The Tricentis case study explores their journey in the early adoption of the Intelligent Swarming framework.  Tricentis now uses this the framework to increase collaboration and customer and employee satisfaction.

Read about Tricentis’ experience with Intelligent Swarming adoption. The Tricentis case study suggests Intelligent Swarming should not be a “Support thing.” It’s about collaboration within and across teams. Therefore, key teams should design the process from the beginning.

Select this link to download the article: Intelligent Swarming at Tricentis


Intelligent Swarming℠  is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™.