KCS Consultation by CATALYNK ensures faster uptake and on-going help
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KCS® Consultation and Facilitation

Take knowledge sharing across the organization.

Get KCS Consultation hub of tools, processes, structures, facilitation. Contact us.

KCS Consultation and Facilitation

Our CATALYNK knowledge (KCS) experts will help you deliver customer success through KCS and knowledge sharing. We’ll assist your technical support teams get started with KCS, or re-energize knowledge use, analyse gaps and manage performance where needed. Wherever you are on the KCS journey, we’ll help develop strategy, hand-hold or project manage a phase of adoption, and when needed, provide on-going support.

We can also help with knowledge-related technical services.

Call us for independent advice or project management for:

  • service workflows and associated processes to ensure ‘knowledge flow’
  • selection and installation of service management knowledge software
  • implementation of knowledge workflows
  • search audit, analysis, reporting, and design of related knowledge structures
  • integration of knowledge bases, migration and quality management.

We’ll work with your teams to ensure they have the confidence and understanding to manage knowledge well into the future.

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If your human resource, facilities management, finance or logistics teams need knowledge management we’ll work with them to co-design the most appropriate structures ensuring security.


Whether you’re planning to launch, improve, or refresh your knowledge management, don’t hesitate to contact us for an initial no-obligation assessment.


KCS® is a registered service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation.

Catalynk KCS® Knowledge Centered Service knowledge structures taxonomy

Knowledge Structure

Knowledge that helps service delivery, needs to be ‘served up’ at key touch points throughout the service delivery process. To create and use knowledge ‘in the moment’, forms, processes, workflows, privileges and knowledge base structures are needed.


We aim to get the best from your tool-sets, and help your teams design and manage the workflow, eliminate duplication, and integrate multiple knowledge sources for simplified search.

CATALYNK KCS® Knowledge-Centered Service Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Is your customer experience seamless?


Do your customers quickly find the information they need?


Better self-service means your customers find the answers they need faster, leading to a positive customer experience and greater loyalty.


CATALYNK integrates knowledge best practices company-wide to ensure your customers are empowered to get the information they need, quickly.

Catalynk KCS® Knowledge Centered Service knowledge analytics

Knowledge Analytics

Stakeholders need to know the benefits of ‘knowledge for service’.  Your teams need to focus on delivering what the business cares about by selecting key outcomes that align with business goals.


As part of our KCS consultation, we help build the capabilities in teams to design dashboards, coach, and monitor progress to achieve goals that result in your desired outcomes.

KCS Consultation and Tailored Workshops

Our Workshops are led by KCS Academy Certified Trainers.

Auckland – Wellington – Sydney – Brisbane – London – Boston – Virtual
Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) v6 Overview Workshops

Our in-house, private workshops  are on-site and tailored to your company’s strategic goals, environment, customers, and service demand.  As part of our workshop follow-up, we offer attendees access to additional resources through our KCS consultation hub.

We offer tailored workshops:

Off-site, in-house, and virtual:

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation to review your situation.

Our public workshops can also be tailored. Check out our public workshops on our Workshops page.

More on tailored workshops...

As part of our workshop follow-up, we offer attendees access to additional resources.

Alongside the training we offer, we find that our customers are more successful if consulting time is available to allow support and mentoring or to work inside the adoption project, engaging team members for a hand-over and knowledge transfer. We’re happy to review the options to design a package that works for your KCS journey.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) is a registered Trademark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™.