Design Workshop for new, adoption wave or v6 KCS update project teams
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KCS Design Workshop

KCS Design Workshop

Whether you’re new to KCS, starting a KCS adoption wave, or integrating KCS v6 capabilities, this design workshop will streamline and speed up your team’s transition.


This workshop may be up to 4 days (in-house) and will assist your team to plan for and design your KCS adoption program. It may include a tailored KCS v6 Practices Workshop for your adoption team.


We will provide the background and concepts, and facilitate your team through structured design sessions using KCS Academy design tools. Our method combining Prosci Change Management and KCS tools ensures leadership is engaged in planning and decisions for the long-term success of KCS across your organization.


We’ll ensure the correct metrics and measures are embedded based on KCS v6 Solve and Evolve Loop methods and practices.

Learning Objectives

  • The KCS Practices:  context, benefits, and the operational model
  • KCS Content
  • The KCS Solutions Lifecycle (publication, translation, and approval processes)
  • KCS Roles and Responsibilities, including a licensing / accreditation plan
  • The KCS workflow and technology requirements
  • Performance assessment
  • ROI analysis for KCS and self-service
  • Leadership and the Communications Plan
  • Program planning:  the Adoption Roadmap

In addition to the training, the team will work together under v6 Certified KCS guidance to make decisions and recommendations for specific customisation of the KCS practices.


Following the workshop we assist with support and mentoring and may work inside the adoption project.

Workshop Outcomes

Adoption Team trained in KCS v6 Practices

An adoption plan to launch KCS.

Staff for the adoption teams identified; Wave I and subsequent wave participants

Adoption timeline defined.

Customised KCS Practices; Article Quality Checklist, Article Life-cycle
and key messages for the Communications Plan.

Duration:  3-4 Days
(Can be run as half-day sessions, and virtually.)

This program will be tailored to your schedule.

Attendees: In-house adoption team.

Planning well in advance is recommended.

Contact us to plan your design workshop.