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  • Course Details

    Someone who holds a KCS v6 Fundamentals certification understands:

    • KCS Principles and Core Concepts
    • KCS benefits 
    • The KCS article and the process for creating one 
    • How to integrate the KCS process into the workflow 
    • How the knowledge worker’s KCS performance is assessed Benefits of holding a certification 
    • Understanding of the value of KCS to an organization 
    • Understanding of KCS Principles and Core Concepts 
    • Understanding of the value that process integration provides 
    • Understanding of leading vs lagging indicators 
    • KCS v6 Fundamentals certification and access to logo 
  • Outcomes of Certification

    Benefits of having certified individuals on your team:

    • Verification that individuals understand KCS Principles and Core Concepts
    • Understanding of what should be measured to drive desired behaviors
    • Understand what should be measured for knowledge worker
    • Consistent vocabulary for KCS participants
  • Examination Details

    The KCS v6 Fundamentals certification exam is an online, non-proctored exam consisting of about 25 multiple choice questions. There is a time limit of 60 minutes. Contact us to make arrangements for your group.
    CATALYNK includes the certification exam in our in-house KCS v6 Overview Workshop and as an optional add-on in our public workshops. A separate online KCS v6 Fundamentals online training course is also available as preparation and can be arranged as part of our Plans. 
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  • Course Details

    The Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) v6 Practices Certification designates individuals who demonstrate a thorough understanding of the KCS concepts including the Solve Loop, Evolve Loop, and best practices for KCS adoption.

    Who Should Certify
    Individuals pursuing KCS Practices Certification are most often:

    • Program and project managers for KCS adoption
    • KCS adoption team members
    • Supervisors and first-line and second-line managers
    • Trainers
    • Coaches
    • Consultants
    • Knowledge workers who aspire to be KCS coaches, KCS trainers or KCS Team Leads
    • Product managers and architects of technology and tools that enable the KCS practices

    This certification is also appropriate for product managers whose products align with or enable the KCS practices. This includes people who manage or advise on the adoption and continuous improvement of the KCS practices.

  • Outcomes of Certification

    The KCS Practices v6Certification covers the following:

    • The Principles and core concepts of KCS Version 6.
    • KCS benefits
    • Dealing with frequently asked questions and common objections
    • A thorough understanding of the following:
    • Solve and Evolve Loops
    • KCS roles
    • KCS measures
    • Content standard and workflow
    • Best practices for adoption
    • Functional requirements for tools and tool integration

    If you are aiming to become a KCS v6 Certified Trainer, the KCS v6 Practices Certification is a requirement for eligibility.

  • Examination Details

    The KCS v6 Practices Certification exam is comprised of 62 multiple-choice questions.  The allotted time to complete the exam is two hours.  Most candidates will complete the exam in 90 minutes or less. There are no breaks during the exam. 

    A team of KCS practitioners developed the questions on the exam. The certification standards and exam are developed and maintained by a committee of members from the Consortium for Service Innovation. The exams are validated through psychometric analysis.

    The KCS Academy is the certifying body for KCS as designated by the Consortium for Service Innovation (CSI, owner of KCS).  CSI does not acknowledge any KCS credentials or certifications other than those offered by KCS Academy certified providers. 


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  • Course Details

    CATALYNK Limited is a certified provider of the KCS v6 Trainer Certification training. The Certification Exam is administered by The KCSAcademy.

    This certification is intended for individual consultants and trainers who:

    • Have experience teaching/facilitating in a classroom or workshop environment
    • Have experience in customer support and are familiar with current processes, structures, management practices and metrics
    • Have experience with knowledge management in customer support organizations

  • Outcomes of Certification

    Completing the Certified Trainer program means you are qualified to teach the KCS Overview, KCS v6 Practices (1.5 day, 2 day, or 2.5 day), and the KCS Leadership workshops. The KCS Coach Workshop and the Intelligent Swarming Workshop have additional trainer certification requirements.

    Full program details are available in the KCS Trainer Certification Instructions.

  • Certification Process

    Overview of the Certification Process:

    • Attend an in-personKCS v6 PracticesWorkshop (full 2.5 day version)
    • Be KCS v6 Practices Certified
    • Work with CATALYNK to complete theApplication to become a KCS Certified Trainer
    • Organize and co-teach an in-person KCS v6 Practicesworkshop with Beth Coleman, CATALYNK KCS Certified Trainer. The Certified Trainer must complete the Assessment form verifying your understanding and training capabilities.
    • Pass the KCS v6 Certified Trainer exam
    • Review, sign and abide by the KCS Workshop License Agreement. Catalynk will assist

    CATALYNK will assist by reviewing KCS Trainer Certification instructions which include descriptions, fees, and resources involved in these steps.

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